Test and Deployment Commands

Test and Deployment Commands

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The quasarscan.exe agent includes a set of command line commands and options for testing SQL scanner deployments. These commands are intended to help deployers ensure that connection strings, DB access, security options, etc. are correct before completing deployment.

quasarscan dbconnect [module] [connectstring]Tests connectivity only.

quasarscan dbtables [module] [connectstring] Connects and prints list of accessible tables and table policy.

quasarscan dbcolumns [module] [connectstring] Connects and lists tables and columns and policy.

quasarscan dbscan [module] [connectstring] Connects and simulates a scan, dumping to console.

Module and connectstring are optional, if they are supplied they are used directly. This is convenient for the times where many iterations are needed to get a connection string right. If module and connectstring values are not supplied, the database connect information is taken from local.cfg as normal.

NOTE: Module and connectstring must be supplied together or not at all.

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